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To Book a Journey on the DaRT service - Please call 01621 874410

DaRT 99 Bus

DaRT 99 Launch

What is the Dengie Dart
It's a bit bus and a bit Taxi. It is a bit like a bus because you can wait at bus stops and hail it in Maldon and Broomfield, but you can ring for it to come to your house in certain parishes in the Maldon District. The service is designed to arrive and depart St Peter's, Broomfield. Boreham and Hatfield Peverel Station at a fixed Time.

DaRT 99 Timetable


The timetable outlines five arrival times at Broomfield Hospital set around existing travel patterns and shift changes. Once passengers have chosen their travel time they can either ring up to 90 minutes before to book a journey (in Maldon & Heybridge 30 minutes beforehand). Passengers will be given an approximate time (within a window of twenty minuts) to be picked up from home, arriving in Broomfield or St Peter's Hospital at the time specified on the timetable. Passengers also have the opportunity to turn up and hail the bus at the normal points in the timetable,  just as a regular bus between Maldon and Broomfield. Buses will arrive and depart at the advertised times from Broomfield Hospital.

DaRT 99 Bus

Dengie DaRT - Broomfield to the Maldon District - Why now

The Dengie DaRT (Number 99) is a new Dial-and-Ride service running between the Dengie Peninsula, Maldon, St Peter's Hospital, Heybridge, Hatfield Peverel Station, and Broomfield Hospital. It has two parts - a fixed part between Broomfield and St Peter's, and a pre-book section to run forward between any address in Heybridge, Maldon and certain parishes in the Dengie.

The Dengie Dart is a great example of the 'Big Society' in action. This is a 'localism' inspired service which has enjoyed both actual and moral support and input from a number of local authorities, from the hospitals themselves, Parish Coucils, District Councils, Dengie Hundred Bus User Groups, GPs, our local Members of Parliament, Essex County Council, and in a big manner from Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) without whose help and support this service could not have started.